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New Avengers - The Reunion (001-004+TPB) (2009) (digital) (Minutemen-Slayer)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : New Avengers: The Reunion

Collects New Avengers: The Reunion #1-4.

In the wake of Secret Invasion, Mockingbird is alive and has returned to Earth after being held captive by the Skrulls. Ronin, her estranged husband, volunteers to help her adjust to her new life as a member of the New Avengers, but some old wounds run too deep. And what deadly secret did she bring back with her that could tear them, and the world, apart once more? It's high-octane action and intrigue as the Mr. & Mrs. Smith of the Marvel Universe take on one of the biggest threats in the world - and each other!

Size : 320 MB

New Avengers - The Reunion 01 (of 04) (2009) (digital) (Minutemen-Slayer).cbr 35.6 MB
New Avengers - The Reunion 02 (of 04) (2009) (digital) (Minutemen-Slayer).cbr 39.7 MB
New Avengers - The Reunion 03 (of 04) (2009) (digital) (Minutemen-Slayer).cbr 44.5 MB
New Avengers - The Reunion 04 (of 04) (2009) (digital) (Minutemen-Slayer).cbr 37.1 MB
New Avengers - The Reunion (2009) (digital) (Minutemen-Slayer).cbr 163.1 MB

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