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The Land that Time Forgot (001-003) (2016) (American Mythology)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : One hundred years ago, Bowen Tyler, a handful of British allies, and the crew of a German U-33 submarine were lost at sea. What they discovered was something that defied time, and all of known science: the island of Caspak! Hidden inside impregnable rock walls lay a prehistoric world, filled with terrifying creatures and murderous primitives from every era of time and evolution. Somehow, the island was never again found, and the stories of the survivors of Caspak were considered fantasy. Today, an expedition has been launched by Tyler's great granddaughter Abby, a quest to find concrete evidence of his adventure. But what she and her research team will uncover is something far deadlier and more shocking than they could ever have imagined, as the modern day explorers find themselves thrust into The Land That Time Forgot! Published by American Mythology Productions.

Size : 209.03 MB

The Land that Time Forgot 001 (2016) (American Mythology) (c2c).cbr 67.4 MB
The Land that Time Forgot 002 (2016) (American Mythology) (c2c).cbr 73.5 MB
The Land that Time Forgot 003 (2016) (American Mythology) (c2c).cbr 68.1 MB

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