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Dragon Age TPBs (v01-v03) (2012-2013) (digital) (Empire+Minutemen)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : Dragon Age Vol. 1: The Silent Grove

Dragon Age: The Silent Grove is the perfect introduction to BioWare's dark fantasy universe! In this essential, canonical story from David Gaider, lead writer of the games, King Alistair, accompanied only by rogues Isabela and Varric, embarks on a quest deep inside the borders of Antiva -- a nation of assassins! Together, they will encounter a prison break, dragons, the mysterious Witch of the Wilds, and one of the greatest secrets in the history of the world! Story by David Gaider, lead writer of the Dragon Age games and novels! Collecting Dragon Age #1–#6!

Dragon Age Vol. 2: Those Who Speak

Dragon Age Lead Writer David Gaider brings his newest epic to a revealing conclusion! With her dark past laid bare, the pirate Isabela must resolve to escape this dungeon or lose herself forever, even as King Alistair must take up arms against an old ally if he is to have any hope of uncovering the fate of his father! Story by David Gaider, lead writer of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II!

Dragon Age Vol. 3: Until We Sleep

The lead writer of BioWare's hitDragon Agegames concludes King Alistair's epic quest -- in a journey beyond reality itself! Fans around the world have recognized theDragon Age comics to be an integral addition to the video-game saga. Now, series writer David Gaider pits King Alistair and his noble companions Varric and Isabela against their most nefarious foe -- the twisted blood mage Aurelian Titus! An essential read while you wait forDragon Age III! From Dragon Age lead writer DAVID GAIDER!

Size : 399.70 MB

Dragon Age v01 - The Silent Grove (2012) (digital) (Minutemen-Slayer).cbr 119.5 MB
Dragon Age v02 - Those Who Speak (2013) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr 145.2 MB
Dragon Age v03 - Until We Sleep (2013) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr 135.0 MB

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