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Protectors (001-020) (1992-1994)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : Protectors #1

A criminal named Mr. Monday and his Steel Army have been attacking a series of precincts in Washington, DC, causing the deaths of many people. Mr. Monday expresses how he will not stop until he sees the utter destruction of Washington, DC. The president of the United States of America is Brian O'Brien, a former superhero known as the Clock. With the attacks from Mr. Monday occurring, Brian O'Brien gets a visit from another superhero named Graveyard. Together they decide that there should be a superhero team that answers to a responsible source. Three weeks later, President O'Brien calls upon a former superhero known as Night Mask, Philip Reinhart, to meet with him. At the meeting, the President informs Philip Reinhart that the government is starting a superhero team to battle menaces like Mr. Monday and he wants Mr. Reinhart to be the teams coordinator and Mr. Reinhart agrees. The President then informs Mr. Reinhart that he has already contacted some members for the team and they are on a training mission at the moment. Those members, including Arc, Air Man, Graveyard and Man of War, visit a dangerous neighborhood and stop a drug deal from occurring. After the mission, the group meets Mr. Reinhart and is surprised to find a new member join so soon, Mr. Reinhart's own son. He takes on the mantle of Night Mask and has been personally approved by the President, much to Mr. Reinhart's chagrin. However, he can only allow his son to join the team and he becomes their newest member. Meanwhile, Graveyard visits the President and they ponder the idea of inviting the Ferret to join the team.

Size : 304.83 MB

Protectors 001 (1992-09).cbr 14.7 MB
Protectors 002 (1992-10).cbr 13.0 MB
Protectors 003 (1992-11).cbr 14.3 MB
Protectors 004 (1992-12).cbr 14.3 MB
Protectors 005 (1993-01).cbr 12.1 MB
Protectors 006 (1993-02).cbr 12.7 MB
Protectors 007 (1993-03).cbr 13.9 MB
Protectors 008 (1993-04).cbr 14.6 MB
Protectors 009 (1993-05).cbr 13.1 MB
Protectors 010 (1993-06).cbr 13.3 MB
Protectors 011 (1993-07).cbr 11.8 MB
Protectors 012 (1993-08).cbr 12.4 MB
Protectors 013 (1993-09).cbr 17.1 MB
Protectors 014 (1993-10).cbr 15.6 MB
Protectors 015 (1993-11).cbr 17.0 MB
protectors 016 (1993-12).cbr 17.0 MB
Protectors 017 (1994-01).cbr 20.3 MB
Protectors 018 (1994-02).cbr 16.2 MB
Protectors 019 (1994-03).cbr 16.6 MB
Protectors 020 (1994-04).cbr 24.9 MB

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