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Slaine (v01-v03) (2010-2013) (F) (digital) (Torquemada)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : A Celtic Conan, Slaine is a legendary warrior exiled from his tribe whose adventures take him across the mythic land of Tir Nan Og.

Tir-Nan-Og-The Land of The Young. This violent world is home to warrior tribles who worship gods both benign and malevolent. The best of these warriors is a young member of the Sessair tribe

Slaine Mac Roth. Together with his repellent dwarf, Ukko, Slaine, wanders theland encountering all sorts of weird sinister creatures, including the death-worshiping Sloughs.

Size : 521.7 MB

Slaine v01 - Warriors Dawn (F) (2010) (digital) (Torquemada).cbr 100.4 MB
Slaine v02 - Time Killer (F) (2013) (digital) (Torquemada).cbr 290.0 MB
Slaine v03 - The King (F) (2013) (digital) (Torquemada).cbr 131.3 MB

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